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" We provide our clients with complete travel itineraries that ensure safe and worry-free travels! "
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Missionary Travel

Over the past (9) years LetsUTravel has facilitated in travel for missionary projects worldwide. We acknowledge that it is truly a work that has been directed by the Holy Spirit…because it simply began as our involvement in the ministries of our church, and has grown to international recognition by churches and organizations supporting missionary ministries throughout the world.

The mission of LetsUTravel is in our name…LetsUTravel worry free! We consider this to be a vital part of any missionary project's success. Our challenge is always to insure that air travel, accommodations and ground transportation are safe; that our clients are protected and covered for any unforeseen reason, and that always during travel have access to an agency representative.

LetsUTravel maintains the highest level of communication on changing conditions in international travel safety and country regulations. (i.e. Visas, and passports, etc.) In airline safety we provide our clients with only options from preferred carriers and airline contracts for most reasonable fare rates.

Our experienced agents prepare travel itineraries based on personal travel preferences, providing the most beneficial travel schedules attainable.

Your safety is our greatest concern!



“It has been my joy to have been pastor to Sabine and Eugene for a number of years. They are faithful and dedicated servants of the Lord. Their involvement in the ministries of our church has been reflected in Christian service through their travel agency. They have my highest recommendation.”
                                          Emmanuel L.
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