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Travel Tips

This list contains a few pointers and tips for effective and "worry-free" travel...

° Make sure you know your carriers: Safety approved, Cancellation penalties, Overbooking compensation, On Time performance.

° Always have access to your travel agency when traveling outside of the country, for emergency returns, in event of illness, and travel interruptions.

° Know your options for cancellations, refunds and insurances.

° Travel Insurance is not optional in today's travel, protection for cancellations, delays, loss of baggage, travel interruptions & emergency evacuations.

° Know your Entry regulation requirements, Visas, Passports and Immigrations.

° Essential travel tips and recommendations for countries in your travels.

° Travel with a change of clothes and personal medication and valuables in your carry-on luggage, for safety reasons and in case of a baggage delay (change of clothes).

° Baggage Allowances & Extra cargo; explore and make arrangements well before travel for options on excess luggage.

Group Travel Tips:
- Group check-in
- Luggage tags for luggage handling and identity
- Group transportation to airport and accommodations
- Assigning of travel group leader
- Group travel rates/Group travel insurance

Youth Missionary Travel:
- Education and preparation of youth
- Assignment and preparation of chaperones
- Informational meetings for parents or custodians
- Travel release forms
- Medical Informational forms for each traveler
- One contact person home based for entire group



“It has been my joy to have been pastor to Sabine and Eugene for a number of years. They are faithful and dedicated servants of the Lord. Their involvement in the ministries of our church has been reflected in Christian service through their travel agency. They have my highest recommendation.”
                                          Emmanuel L.


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